ECoin:: The fastest-growing Crypto Currency that you can join free and earn.


The ECoin is a cryptocurrency that will pay you without investing any money online.
 It is important to refer your friends and family members or else to earn the big same as other sites.
There are many airdrops available on this platform. That will bring you more money every now and then.
I am using ECoin for the past months and earned more than 600k. The withdrawal process is also quite simple.
ECoin Officials created the world’s simplest way of earning your first crypto in less than a minute.
This is a great airdrop that pays as promised and is still continue paying the members.
Another interesting thing is anyone who signs up will get 300 free ECoin. Current Value is US$4 and also a lottery ticket. With this lottery ticket, you can earn big.
If you wish to do some charity donate 75 E coins (worth $0.5) to a charity of your choice.
The ECoin is the world’s easiest to -Sign Up, Earn & Use-crypto currency.
ECoin -A Cryptocurrency that uses your Email as your Identity.
ECoin aims to unlock the incredible power of Network Effect.

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Steps to Earn ECoin.
Now You can earn 300 ECoin (previously 1000) once your email is verified. It will drop rewards and disappear that the target is occurring.
Earn extra icons for referring admin or webmaster emails of top 1 million domains ranging from 5,000 ECoin to 10,000 ECoin. This option is open now. Earn 300 more ECoin (previously 1000) for every friend you refer their friends.
Also, earn 188 coins (previously 250) more if you sign up in the first hour of opening referral.
Also, earn staking rewards once you stick your icons with a monthly basis. Step to promote your ECoin referral link.
Create a video about ECoin and upload the video onto YouTube and place your referral link on the description below.
Also, use Facebook promotional groups and post your referral link in order to attract more referrals and more icons.
Create an Instagram account exclusively for ECoin promotion referrals.
Twitter is another place – Post your referral link on your Twitter account.
Use Pinterest is another option to promote.
How to withdraw: Withdrawal method.
It is mandatory to verify your mobile number.
Create a Wombat account and create a Telos username. The ECoin can be withdrawn using Wombat wallet using Telos username.(Withdraw 2000 coins per week per session)
Also, Create a Probit account and send the amount to your Probit wallet.
On receipt of your ECoins to Probit, Sell it and convert it to USDT. Then Send your USDT to any of the wallet Wazirx, Coinbase, Remitano etc.. You may visit this link for you to earn Bitcoin money.

Sign up ECoin Here